Perl-FPM, running Perl on nginx as FastCGI

Perl was the language of choice in the early days of web programming, when Perl was a synonym for CGI. Many things are changed in the meanwhile, but we can still use Perl with a modern webserver to get things done!

Docker Perl

Get started with Perl on Docker

Docker is the modern way for distribute applications. It allows you to create a deployable entity that will run in the same way on almost every *unix platform without the need to install anything more than same basic dependencies required by Docker itself. An ideal choice to run a code sample, a testing environment or […]


How to correctly manage UTF-8 with Perl

Perl has a native support for different character encodings, like the well known UTF-8, but its default behavior is to use Latin-1. This brings easily to a lot of problems if you don’t tune certain settings.